The Hopwood's

Layla's testimonial:

Mr. Bagheri was such a sweet and wonderful officiant for our wedding.  He was a real delight to work with, and he made our ceremony feel extra special.  His eloquence captivated the audience when he spoke, and many of our guests commented on how much they enjoyed him.  Most of all, he is a very genuine man with a huge heart, and it just really shows when you work get to work with him.

Corey's testimonial:

It was wonderful having Mr. Bagheri officiate our wedding.  My family and friends are all American so they really enjoyed his sayings and blessings because they are so unique.  He made my wife and I feel so comfortable through out the process, and I am grateful that he was such an important part of our wedding.

The Tavakoli's

Our wedding took place at Four Seasons, on K Street at Georgetown in WashingtonD.C. The date was October 6th, 2001. We had over 250 guests, a significant majority were either Iranian or of Iranian heritage. They had come from all over the country and some had come from overseas.The planning and service at Four Seasons was as expected - spectacular!  We had our ceremony right before our reception. My wife and her family had made most, if not all, of the arrangements for our wedding, except the ceremony. I wanted the task for myself and I knew exactly the person I was going to hire. I asked Mr. Bagheri to orchestrate our ceremony. 

It was especially important to me that the person conducting our matrimony be someone like Mr. Bagheri. My father and Mr. Bagheri had been friends for decades. I was familiar with his passion for Persian literature, poetry, and his keen ability to express what love means in his own individual elegance, and yet with universal understanding and insight.  He was able to focus the ceremony on the importance of human relations, the value of marriage, and the undeniable power of love.

It is worth noting that I had witnessed several close Iranian friends get married in the previous years. The disappointments and horrors that were caused by the "Akhoonds" (AKA mullahs or the officiant of the ceremony) were very vivid in my memory as I prepared for my own wedding. My friends' families had painstakingly hired these "Akhoonds", who were usually very religiously oriented, focused more on Koran than on any notion of love, and ignored anything related to our Persian heritage. Not to mention that theywere also very often expensive, embarrassingly late, consistently rude, and always demanding.

With Mr. Bagheri leading the ceremony, the event was smooth, poetic, and pleasant. He had great suggestions for our 'sofreh-e-aghd' as well. He wanted me to choose a book by a Persian poet I admired in order to set it on the 'sofreh'. In midst of all the wedding planning going on, I dedicated due time in choosing between Saadi, Hafez, Rumi, or Ferdosi. After much thought, I chose Ferdosi since he should be credited with preserving our heritage. 

Our wedding was remarkable. The ceremony was especially touching and extraordinary because of Mr. Bagheri's incredible love for what he does inaddition to his magnificent literary power. The reception that followed carried the joy of the ceremony conducted and it was a blast. Ultimately, that day was one of the best days of my life! I am forever indebted to Mr.Bagheri and his role in officiating our marriage.

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, the short statured man with a brilliant smile knows all about love.  Mr. Bagheri is the man you want to carry out the task when you tie the knot on your wedding day.

-Dr. Hamid Tavakoli

The Salimi's

Mr. Bagheri, I cannot begin to thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony that you performed. Being that my wife is a Christian, I was anxious about her family's reaction to a ceremony outside of church. However, your attention to our love as the centerpiece for the day was exquisite and touching. I didn't know what to anticipate but you exceeded any expectation I could have possibly set for the day. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone regardless of any set of religious beliefs. Please let me know if there is anything I can provide in terms of reference or testimonial as I would be glad to do so. Thank you again!

- Ali and Jamie Salimi

The Zeinedini's

Agha Bagheri, dast'eh shomah dard nakon'eh! Inshallah aroosiyeh bacha'hah ye  man betooneen aghd bedeen!

It was a lovely ceremony and we appreciate you so much! What a wonderful job!